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Laser Hemorrhoidectomy
Center for Colon and Rectal Surgery

You may have heard how a neighbour or relative of yours just had a "laser hemorrhoidectomy." They may tell you that it was amazing as there was no pain and recovery was so quick. Keep in mind that he/she may not have the same degree of hemorrhoids as you do. Sometimes laser hemorrhoidectomy is inappropriately used to treat hemorrhoids that do not need surgery at all. No wonder there is no pain!

Laser is just a fancy way of cutting tissue. It is not much different than using a knife or dissecting scissors. Studies comparing laser hemorrhoidectomy to conventional hemorrhoidectomy show no advantage with the laser. One study compared using laser on one side of the anus with scissors on the other side of the same patient showed that the laser side did not heal faster and actually hurt more! Another finding of the study was that laser hemorrhoidectomy took longer to perform and cost more (average $480 extra).

Many doctors use laser as an advertising gimmick to attract more patients. Many of these doctors are not even surgeons and are not even Board Certified Colon and Rectal Surgeons. You should ask the “laser” doctor to show you their qualifications and degrees and tell you how much experience they have had treating anal diseases.

Some “laser” doctors are treating minor degrees of hemorrhoids with the laser and charging the patient as if they had a hemorrhoidectomy. These minor hemorrhoid complaints would have likely improved with medical therapy alone. Therefore, you should have a complete examination by an expert and you should be presented several treatment options before allowing your doctor to treat your hemorrhoids.

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